Keli Francis

Studio Updates

Amy and Nick Stine

Long time clients, Amy and Nick Stine have been in my life since they got back in their wedding attire for some fun post-wedding portraits. Since then, I've seen their marriage develop into this beautiful growing family of four all while having the privilege of documenting their daughter, Zoey along the way. The idea of looking for a bigger home to grow a family became a reality when their home was listed and sold in just a few days. New beginnings and a new surprise was soon to come.

The moving trucks have gone, the boxes unveiled, the photos have been rehung and now the new house is home. A tiny toddler and a tea set assist to make the memories for an only child until the next big surprise awaits, a baby brother on the way. Baby Carter brings a new joy to everyone including big sister, Zoey. Of course with newborns who sleep half the day, Zoey gets to have all that Mom and Dad snuggle and play time but in between naps, she's ready to give all her attention to her brother...and what a beautiful baby brother she has. Congratulations to the Stine and Zych family on their new addition.