Keli Francis

Studio Updates

Family Session with Sneha and Ajay Pallegar

Since our maternity and newborn session, Sneha and Ajay have been enjoying their time with their two sons, Milan and Shail. We chose the celery fields for their family session which has some beautiful views from along side the hill overlooking the wetlands filled with various birds who bring many bird watchers to our area. Across the other side of the celery fields hill is Big Cat Habitat which inhabits around 50 cats including lions, tigers, and ligers. In the dawn and dusk hours you can hear them all roar across the fields. For families enjoying a hike up the hill together, a couple watching the sunset in a hammock, or one of the many runners who take to the hill for their workout routine, this place is a really great location.

For many of my clients, this also ends up being a great location for portraits. Milan enjoyed the hike up to the top while Shail enjoyed the ride in the stroller. Once we got to the top, Mom and Dad gathered their little ones for some warm embraces and playtime as we watched the sun go down.