Keli Francis

Studio Updates

Sugarplum Fairies and Pj's with the Klingels

All the holiday cheer, festive lights, hot chocolate and a warm pair of arms to snuggle into make this holiday Christmas session so inviting. The Klingels are ready for Santa's safe travels to St. Petersburg, Fl where daughters Reese and Kendall patiently count down the days till Christmas. To fill up time in between, they strung lights on the tree, made hot cocoa, decorated gingerbread houses, played a game of monopoly and enjoyed some air time from the couches to the master bed.

There hasn't been a moment without sisterly giggles, inside secrets and a house full of love with these two sisters together. Often the giggles would start with the two of them and end up with us all belly laughing with contagious laughter in every room. It wouldn't surprise me if they had their own secret language as well as adorable and bonded they are. The fresh smell of pine and sounds of Christmas music filled the air as gumdrops and peppermint candy fill their bellies and I remained entertained the entire time.

Merry Christmas to you, Klingels. I hope you have a fantastic Christmas and a happy new year.