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Rainbow Baby

Sarah and Blake Lapinsky live just a few steps away from me. When we moved, I was eager to meet my neighbors to the newly constructed homes around me and had sent out flyers in hopes to start building relationships but it wasn't until I noticed the young family carting a baby carrier into their home that I wanted to stop and welcome them. My son was just nearing 2 yrs of age at that time and would soon have another friend next door to grow up with as we live this American-dream life.

Fast forward 3 years later, this family has become such a wonderful part of my life with birthday parties, Christmas morning breakfast, family dinners and many hours of story-telling. Even our dogs have become friends. Close friends and family members have heard of their recent year's journey to conceiving and birthing a healthy baby. Their newborn, Chloe has been long awaited after heartache after heartache of previous losses. When I entered their home to take these photos, I could sense their happiness and relief while remembering the ones that aren't with us.

For some, conceiving is such an effortless and sometimes unwelcoming act while for others its a journey that often makes you want to give up hope. I'm proud to officially announce that after years of trying to get to this moment, Sarah, Blake and their son Cash welcomed home a beautiful baby girl, Chloe Blake Lapinsky, on Thursday October 27, 2016. Here is their family of four with 4 day old infant in arms fresh home from the hospital.