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The Wooten Family

This in-home lifestyle session with Lauren and Greg Wooten and their two children, Liam and Cece was nestled in the city of Largo on their generous 2 acre lot. As beautiful and sunny as Florida can be, It also brings with it a lot of heat but indoor play time only last so long with such a great outdoor space. When I arrived, little miss Cece was just waking from her morning nap. Her brother, Liam was ecstatic as always to play and climbed in her crib in hopes to rub some energy off on her. A fresh nappy and a few minutes to stretch always helps start the playtime with a few smiles. Their black lab, Winston or "Winny" was ready to go play as well.

This photo session was in honor of Cece's first birthday approaching and what better way to do that than to document all the things they love to do together.

Once we made our way outside, it was straight to the swings! Liam was filled with joy as Dad sent him in the air. Cece was close by getting a birds eye view from the playhouse balcony with Mom.  A quick 10 minutes of running around and suddenly out comes Liam with the hose. Winny was enjoying the challenge of chomping at the hose water after playtime on the playground needed some cooling down. Check out Winny's face! I'm laughing so hard! He is my spirit animal...take me somewhere chilly.


It may be the first week of fall but it's still Florida so the pool hours are always extended well into September and what better day than this very hot and humid day.

Lunchtime! As Mom scrambles to prepare lunch and Dad cleans up the slew of towels left behind, Cece noticed someone got left outside. That little peach bottom ran straight for the window where Winston was barking.