Bracelets and Bonds

Cadyn and Charlie owner and jewelry designer, Chrissy Hounchell started her business with family and friendship values. Her company named after her two children and names of her jewelry named after her closest friends, their children and the names of her customers children as well, she has branded herself to bringing people together through what she calls "arm parties" and donates a portion of the proceeds to the Foundation Fighting Blindness, Inc to help find a cure for those like her husband who are suffering from Retinitis Pigmentosa, and to The National Heart Association for her best friend who survived a stroke after birthing two sets of twins. I've been photographing her jewelry line for her website since she first launched. Then, when Chrissy contacted me about including a model shoot into her website and marketing, I knew just the two.

My seniors clients, Samantha K. and Sofia Q. met through a mutual friend in school. However, this mutual friend didn't introduce them in the traditional sense. Instead, she seemed to use the other one as a means to gossip about the other so when Sam and Sofia finally met each other thinking they both hated each other, they saw past the cattiness and found a friendship instead. These two are a bit of opposites but they attract in the most perfect ways, complimenting each other style and personality. You can feel the bond between the two of them the minute they're together. I asked them if they would like to be hired as models for jewelry company, Cadyn and Charlie and they both accepted.

When senior year came around, Sam and Sofia both began applying to colleges and shortly after found out they both were accepted to the same university! What started out as two girls with bitter feelings based on deception and lies of another have now become dorm buddies entering their first year of college. They've already determined their majors and are ready to fly the coop to live their first year without mom and dad. Bittersweet! I asked them what it is they see themselves doing besides attending the frat parties. Sam plans to major in foreign relations and Sofia will be majoring in marketing and communications.

Sofia and I met at a downtown restaurant with her mom and a mutual friend of ours for brunch. I noticed how polished she was right away. I could barely get out of bed when I was her age and there I sat across from this young girl who could easily have just come from a professional makeup artist's chair. She's a dedicated, hard worker with bold interests in fashion and cosmetology and a bit of a risk-taker. 

Sam's mom found me through the photo shoot I did of Sofia for her senior photos and reached out to me to photograph, Sam. This tall, tan beauty is quite lovely from the outside, in. She carries so much poise and class with her everywhere she goes and is very absorbent of life with gentle outlook, bringing a smile to light up any room.  I can see why these two make such great friends - a bit of bold and wild with the calm and mild.