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This beauty I'm about to tell you about is legit one of my most favorite people on the planet. We have had some conversations that I hold dear to my heart and have helped me get through some difficult times. Other times, we sit and chat about what's going on in our lives and our longing for adventures where we can share a bike ride with one of us on the handlebars or live on our own private island where we are the only humans that exist. I hope everyone in life has that someone....and doesn't even need to be a best friend, but that special someone who you can completely be yourself around, and they make you feel good about yourself. That's Megan.

I met Megan at a pole fitness studio, Apple Jelly a few years ago where we learned to be sexy and feel sexy and let me tell you, that's not an easy task. Many nights we left there bruised and broken but it empowered us to continue and created many friendships with other women who attended. We kept in touch through social media over the years and would occasionally meet up for brunch or dinner party. This is one of my favorite things to do with Megan. See, Megan knows food. As a former member of the Three Kitcheneers, she enjoys writing for and about local restaurants and where to find the best dishes in town.  She's one of the few people I trust to order for me when there's an unfamiliar menu.

A short time ago, she and I made a date. Except this time it wasn't over Vietnamese veggie pancakes or light conversations or towing her on the handlebars of my bike. SHE WAS EXPECTING!! I proposed the offer of photography and she said "I'd love for you to take my photos, Keli. Let's go in nature". So now at 6 months pregnant and looking ravishing as ever, she allowed me to capture her transforming into motherhood in this series I call "nature and nurture".  

One day soon, you wont be able to see these, Megan <3

One day soon, you wont be able to see these, Megan <3

Megan, I cannot wait to meet you and Anand's baby and see you both becoming the amazing parents i know you'll be. Children are so rewarding and make everything come to life in such a different perspective. I know pregnancy is not always fun and just the idea of putting clothes on is the worst (or even looking in the mirror some days) but remember and enjoy the great parts, the tiny kicks, the hiccups and all the other exciting things you get to do before the arrival. Congratulations!