Keli Francis

Studio Updates


 Seamstress and shop owner, Jackie Ayres created clothing line, Dyetology which mixes modern fashion with her love for tie dye. So to start off with creating a look for any business, I must first seek out what their overall brand represents and who their ideal clients are that they are reaching out to. We discussed our visions and out came the project. Next, to find the right model for the project. We wanted this person to be someone with natural beauty that could easily give off that bohemian vibe with the natural beach look.

We chose Siesta Beach because it's where people come to vacation, let their hair down and go with the flow. The white quartz sand brings so many tourists here, like Jackie that it has been not only labeled as the number one beach in America but recently voted the best place to retire and best city to raise a family. Chelsea and I met in St. Augustine at a photographer roundup where I was humble enough to meet some really amazing photographers from all over the US., including Ms. Chelsea Renay Busch herself. She gives off a very California-girl, endless-summer vibe with her long hair, tan skin and dream-weaver eyes. It was a great match up. I also wanted to include some additional images with another friend of mine, Erin. Through her journeys, Erin practices Buddhism and yoga daily. She's a certifies yoga instructor, loves playing on the silks and I felt she'd be great to model the leggings for this project.