Keli Francis

Headshots paid for by

M-Life Nation & Rhino Nation, Michelle Barnes, John Melton, and Eddie Mentore


This year marks the second year in a row to be the exclusive headshot photographer for John Melton in Orlando, FL covering more than 300 people in a single evening. It was great seeing familiar faces again along with new ones….and yes, I remember each and every one of you that attended this event last year. I’m just going to say up front how well you all prepared for this and a huge shout out to the M-Life & Rhino Nation team, Michelle Barnes, John Melton and Eddie Mentore for organizing another successful event and sponsoring all the headshots from this event.

Now for the real reason you’re here….YOUR HEADSHOTS!!!! All images are edited for color-correction with mild retouching as needed ( teeth whitening, even skin tones, clean up razor burns and sunburns, lipstick on teeth, food in teeth, blemishes/acne). When I’m behind the camera, my goal is to capture the essence of what makes you you and how you present yourself to the world so if you have insecurities about yourself, I can assure you that I don’t see them therefore I never alter age or make body modifications until the client makes that request. Retouching fee’s start at $25/image. For additional retouching, please contact me at and make sure to include a copy of your headshot and retouching requests.

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