I am...(project)

The "I am.." project is about the introduction of people. Not by groups, not by race, not by prejudice but by stories.  

So I had this idea for getting to know people on a more personal level that would involve anyone willing to speak freely about their life and journeys to show how we are all connected. I have this theory that each and every one of us has a predetermined course and that the things that are some of our greatest successes and failures are given to us to create the paths to which we connect in life. Many of us have such similarities but I often wonder ,how did we get here? My curiosity is always seeking to find the story in others and welcome others to this idea of getting to know your neighbors within your community. I think you'll find many similarities without labeling people into little groups but seeing each and every person as a journey, a story and what makes them unique.

If you have a story you wish to tell, I'd love to photograph you and learn all about you, share your story, tell your tale, and walk others through a window of your journey starting with "I am.."

This is the "I am.." project.