With anything, success starts out with talents and who you know. A high school math teacher here in Sarasota at the Sarasota Military Academy allowed for her students to have time to themselves rehearsing for the school talent show. This past year, three students took over the classroom and hallways with their musical talents and blew them away.  Their delicate tones filled the hallway along with the strings of an acoustic guitar and you could see the bashful cheeks turn as students walked past.

A little something about this trio, Jainey and Halle were originally introduced through middle school and church. They both sang together in their church choir but Halle sang harmony and wasn't quite up front and center. She struggled with confidence even with her angel voice. Jainey and Dani had to really convince her to join them for the talent show.

I knew she could sing cause I’ve heard her in church So we basically forced her to be apart of the group

Dani with previous experience in orchestra, played the violin, has an ear for music and can play guitar so seamlessly, it's like she was born with a guitar attached to your body. Halle and Dani were introduced just this past year for talent show rehearsals and are now like sisters.

Then came their big debut...the high school talent show.

It's no secret to anyone who attended this show. Dani, Jainey, and Halle won thier talent show and have decided to put themselves on stage more often. I personally got to see them performing at Starlite Bar in downtown Sarasota to a filled room with a crowd supporting and cheering them on. When I met up with these three young ladies to do their photo shoot for their band, we traveled to the celery fields and at the top of the hill, they sat down on a quilt and began singing for me.....and about fifty high-school aged runners doing laps around the gravel track.